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Tresor Rare Miami Review 3

This seaport city located in the southern tip of the state of Florida is the fourth largest urban area in the United States. Miami is also a world city and exerts influence on key areas including culture, commerce, media, finance, arts and international trade. Miami stands apart due to its superior year round quality of […]

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Tresor Rare London Review 3

Following a successful campaign in the United States, Tresor Rare set its eyes on London. The capital of England and its most populous city has rich history dating back to the Roman times. London is an alpha city and a world leader in regards to arts, finance, education, commerce, fashion, tourism, transport and healthcare. This […]

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Tresor Rare Las Vegas Review 3

Nearly everyone in the world over knows about this major resort city that is termed the entertainment capital of the world. Las Vegas is one of the best entertainment spots in the world and is known for gambling, vibrant night life, exquisite dining and shopping. It is Southern Nevada’s leading commercial, cultural and financial hub. […]

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Tresor Rare Spain Review 3

The Tresor Rare store in Madrid is easily identifiable by its signature dotted wall designs. The exterior display serves as an extension of this aspect. You are warmly welcomed into the store with a branded black carpet and the personnel in the store.

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Tresor Rare Hawaii Review 3

Aloha! Hawaii is perhaps the most beautiful island in the United States. Its solitude and slow-paced life is enticing enough for both celebrities as well as general public. Hawaii is the place to be if you are someone who likes to live a laid back life. This island is still stuck in 80s, something that […]

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Tresor Rare Arlington Review 3

Arlington was once a sleepy town with a very small population. However, the recent influx of businesses has turned Arlington into a lively city. More and more people are moving to it every year. It is full of beautiful parks and trails where you can find both solitude and tranquility. The food is amazing and […]

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Tresor Rare Austin Review 3

Austin, the capital of Texas, is nothing less than a dream. From architectural marvels to naturally beautiful sites, Austin has so much to offer to people who come here seeking fun and adventure. The food is amazing, the hotels opulent. If you are in Austin, you must go hiking to Mount Bonnel to witness some […]

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Tresor Rare Laguna Beach Review 3

Laguna Beach is one of the prettiest beach towns in the United States. The city is full of historic homes and beautiful cottages that add to the beauty of the city. There is so much to do when you are here. While you are in this town, you must pay the Laguna Playhouse a visit. […]

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Tresor Rare Fort Lauderdale Review 3

Fort Lauderdale is a nature lover’s paradise. Often referred to as the Venice of the United States, Fort Lauderdale is charming in its own way. If you are in this city, you must visit the Las Olas Boulevard. This is the place where you will find fancy restaurants, interesting art galleries and fascinating stores. The Fort Lauderdale Beach is different in that it is both beautiful and quiet. If your love for mother nature is absolute, find some time to visit the Sawgrass Recreational Park.

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Tresor Rare Fort Lauderdale
Average rating:  
 3 reviews
by Ruby Dawson on Tresor Rare Fort Lauderdale

I had heard a lot about Tresor Rare from one of my friends who has used a few of their products. However, these products are a little out of my range. Nevertheless, I decided to visit the store and at least check a few things. When I reached the store, a staff member recommended me to use one of their creams. When I told them, I can't afford it, they gave me a few free samples and promised me to give me a discount in case I decided to buy anything ever. I am now saving to buy my first Tresor Rare product. Lovely people, great store.

by Osborne Marlene on Tresor Rare Fort Lauderdale

I had been looking for a great perfume for myself. I had tried almost every good perfume in the market and was in the mood to experiment. That's when my sister asked me to visit the Tresor Rare store. I instantly fell in love with their Amber Desire. It's soft, feminine and unlike anything I have used till day. Great store, great people and great products.

by Norris Patti on Tresor Rare Fort Lauderdale

Tresor Rare's Fort Lauderdale store is simply brilliant. It's lavish, classy and exactly the way an upscale brand like Tresor Rare's store should be. I go there very often and I always feel satisfied with my visits.